15 West Studio

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, the co-founders of 15 West, Ekin Varon and Begum Cemiloglu, worked in some of Turkey’s leading architectural and furniture design firms and focused on providing hospitality, residential and contract project services to their clients.
During these formative years, Begum focused on the production process and the ergonomics of products. For her part, Ekin took charge of creating a furniture collection from scratch, owing to her background in furniture design. She was intimately involved in the research, design identity, branding, production, marketing and sales processes when creating the collection.

In 2015, the two decided to set up their own design firm, “15 West” in Istanbul, with the intention of providing design and production services to residential, hospitality and contract-based projects in Turkey and beyond. Mixing modern industrial manufacturing with Turkish traditional craftsmanship techniques, 15 West has a progressive approach, dedicated to creating valuable and authentic, high
quality products. The production facilities are based in Istanbul, where the founders use their universal design approach to answer their customers’ needs.
15 West products take inspiration from the designers’ daily lives, along with their rich cultural heritage. Their detail-oriented designs combined with a complex use of materials and patterns reflect the authenticity of Turkey’s eastern & western influence.
By using unexpected materials on point, 15 West’s detail oriented products add richness and value to their environment. 15 West Texture Catalogue showcases these striking materials.

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