15WEST is an Istanbul based design company established in 2015 by Begum Cemiloglu and Ekin Varon. The company’s aim is to obtain aesthetically pleasing atmospheres with a universal appeal with its attentively designed and manufactured products. The designs are influenced by the Turkish cultural heritage and strengthened by the use of modern day manufacturing techniques. They take shape with the designers combined appreciation to form,texture,pattern and detail. 


Begum Cemiloglu and Ekin Varon were both born and raised in Istanbul. After completing their studies at Rhode Island School of Design, they both gained experiences in different architectural firms abroad and in Turkey before starting their own company. Bonded by their love for creating aesthetically pleasing designs and spaces, they set the base for their creative space in 2015. 


Each product is manufactured elaborately in order to attain originality. Appreciation of finishes,materials and paying respect to craftsmanship and patience is highly valued qualities for our team. Handmade delicate textures and patterns are commonly used in the products. Perfection deriving from ‘imperfection ’ is the driving process of the production.


Located in Istinye/Istanbul, the studio serves as a joint environment for the creation process and the materials library.  Customers can also visit the showroom by appointment to view most of the collection products.